video editing with macrosystem casablanca bogart for windows software

Based out of Cleveland Ohio, we have been a long-time dealer of Macrosystem Casablanca hardware and software since 1999.  The owner purchased his first “classic” Draco Casablanca editing unit in 1997 and has sold hundreds of video editing appliances, custom built PC configurations, and software packages, since then.  We are viewed as one of the foremost experts in legacy and current hardware and software.     

While most of our customer interactions have been phone or in-person-based over the years, we have seen the growing need for a web-based location to EASILY download software updates, learn about new offerings, and obtain license codes.

Due to the nature of the software licensing system, orders placed on this website will be manually processed and verified prior to fulfillment.    Sales are limited to North American based clients and all prices are in USD.


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